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Ductile Iron or Steel Crankshafts

Spirit Manufacturing produces crankshafts in volumes from 25 to 5000 pcs per year. Maximum crankshaft length is 22 in. Typical materials include ductile iron castings or steel forgings. Most crankshafts require some form of heat treating including case hardening, nitriding and induction harden. Spiritís crankshaft process which is designed to require very few process steps allows for excellent quality with low initial tooling investment and reduced lot sizes. Spiritís customers order crankshafts for weekly shipments to once per year. Typical applications include engines, pumps and air and refrigeration compressors. Spirit makes crankshafts for both current production as well as service requirements. Raw materials can be sourced by Spirit, supplied by the customer or purchased from your current source.

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